Sunday Morning Story 5.21.11

Paignnoton, UK 5.21.11

We give you all time machines for this story – so that now you are the age you were when you were allowed to dream – before the world told you that dreams were not supposed to be all you looked forward to. We are unlocking this now. Here, with this pink guitar the soundtrack starts to a new reality. A concert given to those who know which part of their ears can pick up the music. There is room, don’t be afraid just because you are touching someone’s elbows.

Holmen, Wisconsin 5.21.11

There now – over the Atlantic, we are already reverting to that age. We’ve shrunken in size and our clothes no longer fit, but that means little, because nobody can judge you inside of a dream.

Bendigo, Australia 5.21.11

Now that we understand that the world spins without us falling off, we see see through the eyes of those we borrowed from our past, that the leaves are ripe to jump around in. The crunching lets us know that this dream is real. Please, don’t send anyone out to rake these up. We need the randomness of how they fall. Wherever you are in the world, it’s different somewhere else.

Brighton, Michigan 5.21.11

Trees over on the other side of the world don’t need to understand the concept of seasons. That’s taught science. Here, they are living nature without the guidance of a textbook. What a magnificent feeling not to have you work checked. The small people in the distance – more adults shrunken back to childhood in this reality based dream, are searching for shade.

Chicago, Illinois 5.21.11

Over in Chicago, little girls are all looking in magazines to see what kind of woman they want to be when they come of age. All trying on mother’s pearls and sunday best suits to project their future image. Appearing in front of them, the future opens. Strong. Confident. Embracing. How you visualize is how you’ll become. Imagine that. You must do so – think. Make your mind unlearned.

Winthrop Harbor, Illinois 5.21.11

There now – Here’s you inside. Even now, sitting where you have to sit and listening to what you’ve been told you have to listen to, this is your heart. You might have even walked by a sprinkler or open fire hydrant and wondered if it would be too silly to jump in. Perhaps you need to go to the 99 cent store and buy a piece of chalk so you can draw hopscotch games on the sidewalk to show you what a real map looks like.

North Bay, Ontario 5.21.11

North Bay, Ontario 5.21.11

Now, over in North Bay, they’re starting to understand the power of bubbles. How life can be filled inside matter that is fragile and can pop, but for a brief moment, holds the promise of eternity. We all exist in this way.

Johannesburg, South Africa 5.21.11

The edges of the bubbles open and filer down to a miracle flower growing out of stone and wood. Don’t believe, again, what you’ve been told the elements of this planet are capable of. More important, remember that we, humans, are elements of this planet, and are capable of so much more than we’ve been told. We are telling each other here. Echoes of bubbles make for growth of dreams.

Baton Rouge, Louisiana 5.21.11

Something we all do, but do different, but all do. Can you see the key?

Trenton, Georgia 5.21.11

Can you remember that last steps you took? What the earth felt like below your feet? How lucky you were to walk in the door after work and toss your keys down. Did you kiss your loved ones or grab your pet? How much time did you spend thankful for the breath that you can inhale? It’s not too late to being in the present. Fantasy exists there.

Cwmbran, UK 5.21.11

Here, please, sit. Lay down. There are places in the world open for you if you’ve been destroyed. All of us, our doors are opening and hoping that the energy created by even the slightest of our movements can change what’s in front of you. It seems so impossible for fiction to be real. We struggle with the belief. We believe on in our struggles. Perhaps, it might be true, that if we grab a crayon and start to draw what’s inside, we might be able to feel these patches of light rather than feel cold in the shadows.

Portugal 5.21.11

Jump with us, high, into the skies of Portugal, where the universe has given us couches of clouds to sit back and and watch the world through a lens other than our televisions. That is not the fantasy we need to escape into. It pushes as further away from nature. Our nature. This show, in front of you everyday.

Muscle Shoals, Alabama 5.21.11

Train. No. You must look at the tracks and imagine in. Believe it to be coming. Compartments that are filled with those who have traveled around the world on this magnificent Sunday Morning Story. Look at all we have picked up to join us. We are barreling through continents with ease. Traveling through time. Living countless lives. How is it all possible? Well, because of you. Because of the fact that you’re reading this. Right now.

Cairo, Egypt 5.21.11

Now remember, just because we are encouraging imagination, we are not moving away from reality. We are thrusting towards it, with empty bellies willing to ache so that what was done wrong by those who sought to sell you Pepsi Cola and call it religion can be called out. Just because it has vanished from headlines, doesn’t mean it has vanished. Headlines were created.

San Pablo, California 5.21.11

Now. There. Reality. Confident. Poised. Ready. World. Focus. Don’t blink or you’ll miss those who might be wondering how you’re going to help them change the definitions inside of dictionaries that have been stale for so long. The sun in California is giving the grass on the edge of the concrete a front row seat for the fashion show. Are you still on your cloud?

San Diego, California 5.21.11

We just never have enough time with those we are closest to. So then, right now, call someone you need to tell you love them. Reach out through the lines of communication we are creating here. Take that train. Run through the rose. Climb any of the trees. Ride in the front seat of the shopping cart like you did when you were young. You are still young – it’s the world that’s old.

Gold Coast, Australia 5.21.11

Another rooftop. They are  close enough to each other so that we can jump from one to the next. Country to country. Don’t worry about the leap. It’s not the distance between your milestones, but the fact that you decided to jump at all. In the room on the far left, where the drapes are closed, two neighborhood kids are testing the limited of the box springs – seeing if their jumps can elicit attempts from others. You.

Manilla, Philippines 5.21.11

See there, these creatures are reading the history that exists inside the creases of fingertips who know how to observe without crushing. It’s a gift we have as humans but don’t always use. You did once. Remember.

Kingsport, Tennessee 5.21.11

Incredible. What was once a castle has been reconfigured so that we can all pause in this moment and get our feet stable. See, there are only so many directions you can go. We all, ALL, walk them each day. How amazing that it has been laid out and constructed for us in this reminder. It’s very real, created by imagination and blended with science. Us.

Bremen, Germany 5.21.11

Small bushes sit in front of the great bull, thinking about the day that they will be tall and able to give shade. The bull, exhausted from being in the same position for so many years, knows that the growth of those around him will one day provide the relief of shade.

“Look at the bull,” chant the children. “He’s giving you the secret.”

Let’s hope you were not looking at your cell phone when it was given.

Kingsport, Tennessee 5.21.11

Now then, if you move enough and wander away from the compass, visions you creates inside of your imagination have a way of appearing in front of you. Thing is, whatever you can believe is possible, but the shape it takes may not be what you’re expecting. Humans have a strange was of misinterpreting what the universe lays in front of you. That’s what life is for. Listen to those who are telling you. The whispers exist.


2 thoughts on “Sunday Morning Story 5.21.11

  1. It’s so crazy you would say that about hop scotch they played that and drew one on my neighbours drive way shortly before that photo. Love the story. Thank you for this every week.:)

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