Sunday Morning Story 5.29.11

Madison, Wisconsin 5.29.11

Somewhere in the midwest, a giant is without their shoe. Limping around the country, the souls of their feet are developing calluses that make each step of his uneven journey easier to take because he is getting used to the pain. How interesting how that subsides if you continue on your journey. Perhaps we’ll take a step into fables this time around in our story, though I doubt if the humans will leave us along long enough for the tale. Perhaps, if we ask nice enough, they’ll join in.

Berkshire, UK 5.29.11

Now then, there hidden right in front of you. The seeds on the strawberries are existing off the juice from the inside while the humans stands and wonder how nature can produce such colors on the outside. What would happen if everyone would just taste instead of think? The green stems hang amused at the whole scene. So nice here in Berkshire.

Holmen, Wisconsin 5.29.11

Now then – here, inside of the bottle, there is a promise that those strawberries from the UK are going to have to jump into a blender and make a little afternoon refreshment. So much reality is difficult to consume. Don’t worry about the intoxication – it happens each time you turn on your televisions. This time, we’re going to journey together – using the seeds of berries as stepping stones. Try on the shoe if you so desire.

Berman, Germany 5.29.11

Here, finally say the humans. Only our hands are meant to play. The strings however, laugh, because they are good friends with the future vibrations that will become sounds and lead those who want to listen into dance. Nobody can comprehend it all if the think all at the same time.

Portugal 5.29.11

Over in Portugal, a finger points to some semblance of explanations. “It’s math,” he says. “Human magic that cannot be questioned.”

Brisbane, Australia 5.29.11

Humans? They are no longer in control of this planet. Funny how they walk around – thinking of themselves and they build. Creating newspapers and communications systems to talk about themselves. Me? I spend my days with the plants listening to the sound of the smallest leaf growing against the breeze. With so much happening around me, why would I want to understand myself?

Chicago 5.29.11

Over in Chicago, they are starting to build idols in hopes of summoning the spirit of Charles Darwin. They think there might have been some gaps in his books, and, just in case, they thought they pour a few pitchers and see if they could get the old man out one more time.

Johannesburg South Africa 5.29.11

Over in South Africa, a woman is attempting to put together fragments to create an image in hopes of understanding. Again, what is it about humans that we need to understand ourselves so much. That we need to reach so far within instead of extending outward to the world desperate for us to join.

Lisbon 5.29.11

Over in Lisbon, there are reminders of our need to unify under common understanding. There are dangers in that, of course, if we fail to recognize each others right to choose a monkey in a bar over a statue in a field.

Perth, West Australia 5.29.11

The humans of Perth seem to agree.

Mumbai 5.29.11

Inside the bottle are thousands of chemical acting exactly as they were composed to do. The boy in Portugal has done his job outline performance. Perhaps the chemicals inside of us, humans – and strawberry seeds, are making us do exactly what we’re supposed to do.

Manilla, Philippines 5.29.11

Reproductions of reality are not bringing us closer to nature.

Dallas, Texas 5.29.11

A pause for a moment. Another kitchen opened up for us – this time in Dallas. There’s enough for everyone, but please, make sure you ask the chef for the recipe. You’re going to want to duplicate the conversations that are being had around the table. We are understanding our area. Finally. Glad the do it big in Texas.

Edmonton 5.29.11

Seeing what the cat in Australia was able to climb thought – a garden in Edmonton has given new worlds for us to crawl around in if, perhaps, we revert to that age where we didn’t know what it mean to walk away. When the coolness of the ground was enough to lay on. If you look closely here, we can see the humans are doing their best to understand their surroundings – again by replication. Perhaps this is what we do.

Durham, UK 5.29.11

We’ve shrunken down – if only for a bit, and now must crawl up the creations we have put out there. The decision must be made on what we worship.

Ottawa 5.29.11

Underneath the riders, the horses are amused how how the humans still struggle to maintain uniformity.

Melbourne, Australia 5.29.11

We have constructed barriers to prevent truth. It’s okay – those weren’t what we were seeking anyhow. Keep away from the machines and you’ll start to understand it all. We’re not ready to understand. That’s what these stories are for. Perhaps, if the machines pay head to these signs, we’ll be able to jump into an empty boxcar and travel to an open space.

Mexico City, 5.29.11

Finally. Randomness. Created by wind. No order. Only perfect sense directed under uncontrolled movements. We cannot enter and breath. However, we can sit. Or jump in. Or build to move across. Or take from within. The choices are there. Now, let’s all just dip those ankles in and let them be cooled by the magic of what is actually there.

Versailles, Ohio 5.29.11

There are, of course, memories of those who have given themselves so that we may discover this earth. These flags, produced in the same factory, are died with various colors. Let us not kill over them anymore. It does not fit into our story. Into our understanding.

Scranton, PA 5.29.11

Now, it seems, through these travels, our old forms of expression are not making sense as they once did. Are we existing off of regurgitated traditions?


Manilla, Philippines, 5.29.11

There you are. The moment before the kiss. Our secrets exist here. Our humanity exists in love. Once we give in to that fact, and it is fact, the rest – the surrounding planet, allows us into its cycle because we have found our purpose.


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