Sunday Morning Story 6.5.11

Johannesburg, South Africa 6.5.11

We all need protection from the unexpected rains that come into our lives. There are those moments when we are drenched and walk into offices, hoping someone offers up a towel or attempts to dry us off, but it’s not there. That moment of compassion is held in reserve. So then – we, those followers and creators of this sunday story, must stand on street corners and offer up momentary shelter to those who are being rained on. What is not thought about are the hours of construction it takes to create such a mechanism that can alter what nature is deciding for us. It might be, just perhaps, that we’re meant to have our physical state altered, and that being wet could just be the possibility of reshaping.

Florence, Alabama 6.5.11

Over in Alabama, a call for love replaces the church bells for a day. They are not speaking about god or saviors coming through your door when you drop to your knees. They are speaking about that emotion you keep buried beneath you skin. From the rain that hits the mud, a shop teacher at a local high school starts to create the letters that can serve a message and demarkation point for the rest of us. The reflection from the lettering provides guidance when the lighthouses are  no longer functioning, but travelers from around the world – those who are still left in our story and have no shied away from their work, need to reach shore. We are coming.

United Kingdom 6.5.11

We don’t even call it magic any more. There is no room for that. It is faith that the energy we create can cause illumination. Over in the UK, there are folks creating flying kitchen-ware for parties that are about to be had. What are we celebrating (and all of us should be celebrating) for so early in our journey? It’s the very fact that we’ve decided to take a journey in the first place – to move ourselves from the corners of the world where we knew the steps. Forward.

Braganca, Portugal 6.5.11

The magic tea pots crack open the skies in Portugal, where the once thought to be unscalable walls are diminished by our new perspective on just how big this world is. The more light we create, the more space and possibility exists for us to move within. It may be the fate we all walk away from when we turn away from those who have just been soaked in the rain. Remember, the growth you see around you in this picture is because of days when it would seem impossible to stand outside.

Madison, Wisconsin 6.5.11

In Madison, the berries that have been gathered in the fields of portugal are being served to hydrate us on our journey. After all, we need to match the water that exists inside us. We are only made of the same elements of this planet. We can reflect the world if we don’t think too much about it. Instinct.

Bremen, German 6.5.11

There are those who don’t hold illusions about being kissed by a princess and having to go live behind the gates of the castle.

“We’d rather exist in our strange colors,” says the frog in Bremen. “After all, how else are the humans going to see that what they believe to be ‘odd’ is truly the most natural occurrence in the world? You are all just schools of fish moving through coral. Perhaps someone will make a documentary about you and explain it in a language you understand. You like things being explained to you. No worries, one day, after you de-evolve, you will understand. We can wait. We’ll be here.”

Winthrop Harbor, Illinois 6.5.11

Here, on this porch, the great writers are documenting it all. They understand that most adults don’t have the patience to keep up with the Sundaymorningstory. They are falling away – they have important things to take care of. No matter. Each step of those left are being constructed into this tale that, when fully constructed, might be just enough pieces to create a mirror that reflects all of our stories and increases the very sense of possibility that is lacking in life right now. Please, sit down on the porch and let her sketch you. You need to see how you’re reflecting.

Edmonton 6.5.11

In edmonton, one of the thousands of mirrors the earth has already constructed sits gently on this afternoon. You’re looking into that small rectangle in your bathrooms or that hang on your closet door, but the math isn’t right. You don’t look like that. Come to the shores of this lake and understand that your skin has currents and movements within. You do not exists only on the surface. Everything is taking place beneath.

North Carolina, 6.5.11

Down south, we can see signs that humans are looking to reach out and connect. We don’t want this isolation that has been created for us. Through currents and electricity, we’ve made boxes to talk to other boxes – it’s the same urge that had us connect two paper cups to a piece of string and see if we could talk to those we couldn’t see. It’s a reaching out. A call. We are constantly calling. Constantly looking for those who know we’ve been standing in the rain for so long.

Hoboken, New Jersey 6.5.11

And sometimes, it’s just as simple as wanting to have you belly scratched. Don’t be afraid to ask for it. There are plenty of those both willing to be scratched and do the scratching out there.

Melbourne, Australia 6.5.11

See now, they are showing mirrors from everywhere now. A lake in Melbourne at night is reflecting two lovers who snuck off from the carnival to have their first kiss. The photograph is documented in the tides. It’s a shared moment. Years from now, each will come back to the place from their different paths in life and reflect back on this moment that can only happen once. Go on, try it. Reflect now on your first kiss.

Brisbane, Australia 6.5.11

Now these two, well, they are looking only at the present. They’ve been having adventures long before this story began. They have no need to be told the secrets – we watch them FOR the secrets. Most animals are like that – they relieve truth by their motion and actions. It’s why we can’t help but watch. Make sure you do not make the mistake of creating Zoos. It’s in the open that you can understand. Take a look at a tree branch today and the birds will explain.

Gold Coast, Australia 6.5.11

Fantastic. We’ve created something here on the Gold Coast that zooms you through time and allows you to feel pure emotion without comprehending your thoughts. You just know. There is nothing to learn or think. It’s all just inside your heart. Those letters from Alabama L – O – V – E – it is your base and place of worship, if you still require such things. However, you may find, that if you just throw your hands up and scream, you’ll be closer to whatever it is you may be praying for.

Australia 6.5.11

After all, we’re just trying to feel like this again. The magic of being held and understood, and the magic of holding and understanding.



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