#sundaymorningstory 6.12.11

San Pablo, California 6.12.11

We’re hanging just off the skin so we can show you the space that exists between the touch and distance. Everyone these days shakes at closing this gap. What does it mean? What will others think of my actions? What are the consequences? We have forgotten how to just move.

Berkshire, UK 6.12.11

We all – and I mean all of us, have those paths to walk down that are opened up by the universe. It is so clear as to what we must do, yet we look for reasons why we shouldn’t. “I don’t walk to move past the bathrooms.” Who knows what would have happened has to taken the road that others are too afraid to walk down. It is obviously there for you.

Alberta, Canada 6.12.11

You may need to expand your vision of what a road or path is. Not all of use are meant to exist above the surface. There are, of course, multiple realities happening at all times. Even now, wherever you are reading this – you are inside of a screen. Look up and see what’s happening beyond you. Now move through the walls. Under the soil. Learn how to inhale salt water without passing out. That’s there for you as well – but your commitment to achievement must match the task.

Brisbane, Australia 6.12.11

Let’s stay on those multiple realities for just a moment – it might help you not feel so alone. You can turn any direction right now and a different story exists for you. You. That’s what you should be concentration on first if you are going to help out the rest of the world. How are you going to lead others if you aren’t confident in the steps you’re taking? Now, don’t be discouraged. You gain that confidence only by taking the wrong steps first. Step.

Winthrop Harbor, Illinois 6.12.11

The drum majors are ready for you. Make sure you follow those ones who aren’t thinking about their steps. It’s a recurring theme we realize, but one that has to be driven in our heads to erase the damage done by what we think we know. It’s okay. They have the keys to your path. Move with them.

Uganda by way of Alabama 6.12.11

The crime exists when we don’t give children the ability to lead. We exist only because of them. Somewhere between the sit-coms and the reality TV we absorb ourselves in, the news exists. Only, now, it exists in the nothing. Remember the space between the bracelets and the wrist in our first picture – the nothing – there is where your information is.

Berkshire, UK 6.12.11

People are putting away their fantasy so that they can start down their paths of reality.

North Carolina 6.12.11

How are you looking at the steps? Do they lead into the pool or provide a way out? That’s the two parallel universes exists next to each other. These are in front of us each day, yet we don’t explore the possibilities. In the pool, cooling from the heat, we wonder if they might decide on the journey of the lake.

Durham, UK 6.12.11

Jumping off the statues, there is a call to move away from the computer. To stop burying your head into you cell phones. Don’t you realize they were put in your hands to distract you from your multiple realities? You are not communicating – you’re being shut off.

Gold Coast, Australia 6.12.11

Here, it’s a tough lesson this week. Not many carnivals and clowns. Life exists like that on some of the paths. In Australia, someone has created some meal for all of us to enjoy. Remember the taste – it’s a sense that is thought to be luxury bust is essential to memory.

San Francisco 6.12.11

At the bottom of each cup, the next steps in your future do not exists. Please walk away from those who want to tell you your future. The person who tells you is inside your belly.

Sun Prairie 6.12.11

In Wisconsin, all of this expanding of roads is allowing for growth. Possibilities. Choices. Decisions. Alway thought to be the most painful, are actually the most luxurious items in your life. The freedom to make these choices is never realized until it doesn’t exist.

Madison, Wisconsin 6.12.11

It can all take place inside a flower pot. Life is not just happening with the plant you see. The soil. Worms. The ecosystem beneath the surface is allowing you to view the final result. Life is in the process.

Lafayette, New Orleans 6.12.11

Two eyes that watch over your every move can be found at each turn. Mirrors don’t only exist as glass.

Johannesburg, South Africa 6.12.11

Now then – in South Africa, a Paulo Coelho book is being devoured. Have you not experienced his words? The magic that jumps from his pages? The omens he talks about that exist all around you? He is, simply, one of the paths that must be walked down to experience your own.

Hartland, Wisconsin 6.12.11

Now, of course, there are paths that must be walked down. Long corridors that echo the footsteps you pray you didn’t have to take. We understand. We feel your vibrations on the floor. Our kitchen tables are there for you to sit down at when you’re done. We have a fresh pot of coffee and a hand that will rest on your shoulder.

Melbourne, Australia 6.12.11

And we, the humans, will do what we can to build those bridges, like this one in Melbourne. The construction workers and architects can only do so much. It’s built for you – now take those steps. It’s possible. Everything.

Chicago 6.12.11

Birth. The sounds these days are ringing from about. Walk you steps softer and try tilting your neck towards the sky. Get closer to the paths that don’t exist beneath your feet. They are more difficult to get at, but more rewarding to travel on. Believe.



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