On The Alchemist

In my 20s, the book I went back to over and over again was The Stranger.

I think there was something comforting about living in darkness. That is big in youth. In development. For the most part, there is always that piece of you that doesn't understand how to exist among the rest of the humans walking around. This book is a great companion and one that I would recommend to people who were going through some sort of personal journey.Myself, I was always going through different roads trying to find answers. Then I was given the book The Alchemist.

For a good part of my 30, which I’m still in but see 40 on the horizon, I have gone back to this book year after year. Perhaps now, in my life, I am looking for the light, rather than comfort in the darkness. I wonder if others go through that same change – when they no longer seek acknowledgement of how bad and lonely things are, but rather, try to find the light. Whatever that may be.

It may be why religion is so much a part of so many lives. The promise of their being such a light at the end of the path – or, in many cases, on the path. For many of the characters in my book, I’m pretty sure that none of them are looking for outside forces to guide them. I’m going to try something a little different on this next book. The main character might be looking for some guidance because what he was trying to accomplish as a human – alone, isn’t working.

That would be an interesting way to go: have characters who are split two ways: One who is looking for guidance and the other who is looking for company in the darkness. All of this would exists below the surface and next be explained to the reader, but I’ll know it’s there. Those two books will be the basis of religion for each of the characters and they’ll battle it out over the philosophies – Looking for and Just being.

Ah, these are the good times in trying to put it all together. It’s the playground, where all of these little thoughts are the children of the world trying out different play pieces.

What will fit? Have no idea. About to jump in though – no use spending the summer thinking of about if book #2 is going to sell well or not. Get the rest of the folks ready. Inside the head they grow.


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