Final Sundaymornignstory!

Holmen, WIsconsin 6.19.11

We are all seeds carrying over this language we attempt to understand. To comprehend. The pass on through generations. Life exists often where we don’t look. These past few months have allowed us a glance at what is possible. What can be done. What we have created. Look towards what may have fallen to the ground when you think of growth.


Johannesburg 6.19.11

On our last trip for awhile, we asked each other to understand not from the movies that can be paused and replayed, but from life that cannot. We don’t exist inside of these plastic cases. We are all movies being played over continuous loops – exchanging energy through out touch. It is, after all, only one touch.

Perth Australia, 6.19.11

Ah, Australia. What we, those who have built and feasted on the Sundaymorningstory do with out you? Perhaps there is something in the soil over there that has humans wanting to seek out and and find their connection. Here, we see the ability – the need to find comfort in a number other than 1. We are meant to take form and evolve. Through this story, I have understood so much about the world inside of me. We all have. It is not around us – it exists within. These doors that have opened expand vision.

Melbourne, Australia 6.19.11

This has been the lesson we’ve learned. The connections we’ve shared all come down to the need for these 4 letters. The rest – well, it’s all supportive but not sustaining. We cannot exists on what comes off the shelves at the department stores. It’s the minerals inside of the earth that nourishes. We turn and look and pray for this feeling. For this realization that we are all here because of this. Search. Returning. Exchanging.

Brisbane, Australia 6.19.11

Fitting to close with the Dali Lama – one of the few that exists in reality with such grace that there is no need to cloak in fiction. Our goal was to remove, even so slightly, the inhibitions we have to walking up to the doorstops and ringing the bell. The sounds were mean to send vibrations through what some call “The Soul of the World.” I believe, we, the contributors to the Sundaymorningstory, have in some small way, made that happen. We have eaten, cried, laughed, lost, loved and shared for the better part of year. It was, personally, one of the most magnificent ventures I have even been a part of. Notice the “been a part of” – We are all part of each other now. The weight has actually caused lightness.

Amazing how that can happen.

It is.


One thought on “Final Sundaymornignstory!

  1. Another great story, and it is so true. It’s great to be part of something that strives to make us so aware of what we have and that we should appreciate every day and what we have.

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