Social Distortion and Chris Rock

Not sure why the times when you’re low that you realize the power of being entertained. Last night, it was Chris Rock keeping my mind off of reality. This afternoon, it was Social Distortion Live at the Roxy while running through Brooklyn. Real life is too much right now – the inability to control things beyond fiction. I kept going on the Los Angeles Noir book because it was my only escape.

Found out why as well – Why we need these moments of escape. By “We” I mean the consumers. World is very much a place where we can’t control what happens to those close to us. Only in fiction can we. In art can we. That’s why it’s turned to so much – why it is important to produce it so that there is an escape route. We need that to keep the mind from going.

So I keep working on the new characters. I have them on Hollywood boulevard – in one giant building across the street from World book and News where they still sell Ice Berg Slim novels. The kind with the gold covers.

The star of the show is going to be the office building on Cahuenga and Hollywood – where people are so busy looking at the stars on the sidewalk they have no idea what’s taking place in the buildings above them. That’s going to be a theme as well – everything that takes place above goes unnoticed because people are just too busy either looking to see the name they’re walking over or checking their reflection in the mirror.

It’s really only because of Chris Rock and Social Distortion that I can think like this today. Otherwise I’d be inside of reality. So I escape, again, into fiction, in the Noir of Los Angeles and try to come out with something fresh. As of now, I’m trying to find places for Sandy Koufax’s perfect game and now a bit of Social Distortion at the Roxy. And of course, that office building up there where everybody is working on something. That could very well be it as well. How Los Angeles is a big disguise for something great about to happen – while everyone else just concentrates on the film industry, there are other movements. Other movements at independence.

It’s really the perfect place for a revolution – but the trick with this one is not to make it so outrageous. Who knows – the trick might be to make it extremely outrageous. Just have to move away from everything that is typical and was ever written about Los Angeles and bring in exactly what I know and what was unique to me. That’s the only way to write. Only way to make it believable. Allows me to travel through time. Google Maps is pretty insane as well – it will allow me to remember things like how much the gum on a piece of overly exposed concrete is supposed to be.




One thought on “Social Distortion and Chris Rock

  1. Chris this is a great idea for a story. Only the other day I was walking down a street that I walk down hundreds of times a year, looking up for the first time I noticed a neon sign on one of the buildings. This sign after some questioning has been there years I have walked past it hundreds of times but simply have never looked up before. People spent too much time just looking at the path ahead. Showed it to my friend yesterday and she had never noticed it before either.

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