Dumpster Diving for Plots in Los Angeles

Try it. Do a Google Search for Hollywood Boulevard and the images that come up are of the stars on the street or the impersonators in costumes trying to squeeze a dollar out of a tourist who wants a memorable picture of someone famous. Pretty sure I saw two Spidermen about to throw fists over who was going to take a snapshot with these twin boys from Montana. That’s where it gets to under the sun. The images I’m looking for are these, but they are not the ones distributed.

That could be one of the job possibilities for a character. He dresses up in costume as someone famous during the days in Hollywood and retreats into the office on Hollywood and Cahuenga at night. This will allow him to be in contact with hundreds of folks and avoid the traps of many Noir novels that have a character in a solitary state. I’m going to fill Los Angeles with movement by avoiding the traffic and the real movie stars. Should give me a way to have split lives and play with the concept of disguise.

Now whether or not he is going to be a wanna be actor or not I don’t know. It would fit with the story. Right now I have two people:

1. From Los Angeles and no need want to be famous at all. Just an ordinary person in the city that is not ordinary.

2. From Los Angeles and desperate to be famous and be anything other than the person he really is.

I have the plot pretty much down and will need to map out, but the characters are not round yet. Even with Pharmacology, which is looking more and more baked and ready to come out to the world in December, I developed everything out here in the open. I think the air and the eyes of others watching development makes the characters more real. Perhaps that’s just me though – if I had my choice, I’d have an office right down in the middle of Times Square with all the people flying around doing their thing. I’d keep warm in the energy.

Wrote on this book that I’m going through now for 10 years while living an in Los Angeles and peeling back the notes, the theme is for sure:

Living the life you don’t have.

That want is what’s driving so many of these characters. Now, here, we can see the potential for some funny moments for our main character. Imagine the love life and the regular goings on of someone who dresses up as a superhero on Hollywood boulevard. Put that guy in a number of situations:

In line at the Gas company or whatever utility company you may have trying to pay a bill with the tips he’s made for that day. Standing in line with the rest of the folks in the city trying to do the same thing. It would be interesting if he made up a costume for himself – like he stitched together his own Super Man Outfit or something like that. He could be in incredibly good shape because of all of the time he spent at the gym since it was his only place to show. He would literally become that character, though without the ambitions of being a superhero. It would always be a job to him. Something to pay the rent.

He would literally have to become Superman in order to live as a normal person.

Need a name for this guy though. Will find one soon enough. Perhaps that’s why he decides to give up his apartment – because if he gets and office on Hollywood Boulevard, complete with electricity. For food, he should have some kind of gas stove where he lives off of food from the 99cent store. shopping at the 99 cent store as superman after work is going to be an interesting situation to put him in.

I think there’s room for growth there.


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