Early on Saturday Morning

It’s so damn quiet here in Brooklyn. Makes for the perfect morning. Drinking my first cup of coffee from Racine Kringies sent over from Wisconsin via Karen McQuestion and her amazing heart. I believe it’s just may get things going enough so I can get back to that giant office building in Los Angeles. Was it even an office building – I have no idea. It’s going to be the centerpiece though for the new book. Working it out. Working it out.

How do you paint a building with words. Do you construct?

The building sat on top of a pizza place, a head shop and a store that sold two suits for 99 dollars. That suit store gave me comfort because I always thought that if there was an emergency, I’d be able to get a suit quickly and go to a big meeting or something like that. Not sure what kind of big meetings I’d be going to, but if there was ever a reason, I’d have a plan. Always liked to have plans.

The rest of the building was five stories of bricks. If you were lucky, your office faced Hollywood Boulevard. Thing is most offices that did had their drapes closed, which I could never understand because it was defeated the view. Everything was being defeated in some way. The halls were all painted this fantastic green, which I was later told was because of the original handyman who died before he could do the same to the offices inside. We spent tons of times in the halls during those early days.


Now the thing that I’m trying to work out here is the narrator – is it going to be the organizer or the main character? That’s the tough part for me right now – The last two books have been the main character and it came off well enough, but I think there has to be something new. Who knows – this is only the run through stage. Should know better than to ask these kinds of questions so early.

Now the job of the main character I have. Got it while walking down the street to the train the other day. He writes papers for college students in that little box of an office. What are some of the other people doing in those offices?

1. Website builder

2. Detective

3. T shirt company

4. Cartoon Makers

5. Photographer

6. Map Maker

7. Video Editor

8. Screenplay Writer

9.  Tax Man / Woman

10. Lawyer

11. Band

going to have to focus in on a few of these side folks, but not get too many. The trick is to show the amount of people and businesses without going through each one. Show scope but don’t dive in but don’t skimp either. Going to be interesting. All of them will be independent businesses though which will be a main theme running through it all:

Independence. Will have to start putting up maps and charts to keep track of everyone as they grow. All of the people in this building (Going to stop calling them characters for the moment and just feel the peopleness of them). They are all separate from the mainstream. Now some of them are looking to get picked up, but others exist outside of the mainstream and that is the very thing that makes them all unique. They don’t realize it because they are in their own little offices, but soon, they will. They will notice that they share a building and that if they combine all of their talents, they’ll have a community.

Will have to subvert this message – but it’s there.

My question now as I move through all of this is:

How can I tell a story in Hollywood without going into the film industry? The main character himself is just looking to live and survive. Not to be famous – only to exist outside of the mainstream. He doesn’t want to give in. Now – because of his fear of the mainstream, he is going to get sucked into it. Your fear of things has you avoid them, but in the end, you walk into the pit. Going to enjoy that one.

Is someone going to be controlling everything like it is one huge grand plan? That might be a little far fetched. Perhaps he thinks someone is. He goes out and tries to prove it only to find that there is no grand conspiracy – only that people intentionally give in and give up because of fear. Not sure how that would come through. We’ll have to keep pushing.


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