ray kurzweil and dreams after you watch his documentary

That’s the thing when you’re searching for answers to questions you’re asking in a novel. Looking for characters. Playing around with Rockets and Los Angeles and Mysteries. Hooked up the Wii last night to Netflix and saw a documentary on Ray Kurzweil and his singularity theory. A friend of mine had told me about this guy – how he wanted to develop nano-robots to go into his father’s grave and get him back.

He kept talking – Ray Kurzweil kept talking – about exponential growth of technology. How in a few years, we are going to actually be blended with the machines we’re using. How they will exist inside of our bloodstream and we’ll communicate with each other through those.

Now I’ve been thinking myself that these machines we are using are so antiquated – that they cannot produce the desired results of what I’ve been looking for. Even in my other life as a Creative Director, I can’t seem to get the designers who are working to produce what’s inside of my head. It’s not their fault – they are only thinking about what the machines can do. Soon, they won’t be limited.

Had crazy dreams after that. Was playing with polar bears trying not to have my head blown off. I was also on some ship somewhere in war-time germany where someone was telling me that Hitler was not that good of an athlete at all. Oh, it’s all fading away now. I can’t seem to remember the dreams at all. Perhaps those machines that will live inside of us at one point will allow us to follow the dreams we had and live them.

There had to be something to all of this. All of these components are presenting themselves to me in some form and it’s driving me mad but making me happy as well. Even that old vending machine which is actually a new vending machine in the supermarket the other day selling baseball cards from the late 80s. Maybe Ray Kurzweil is the key to some kind of understanding. He said something very interesting about keeping up with the machines – and that is that we need to stay intelligent and continue to learn, which I think may be the opposite of what is happening.

We have to be able to do more of the work than the machines are or it’s going to be no contest once they blend inside with us. There is a chance for a relationship to happen – for us to use them to unlock the secrets of the universe and take back sorrows like death, hunger and war, but if we continue to sit back and let them create reality, let them dictate to us, things are going to get rough.

They may find us unnecessary once they gain enough intelligence to see that they only way the earth is going to survive is if the humans leave it. I’m not quite sure this is true. Perhaps, PERHAPS, if we develop the machines enough so that we’re all eating and nobody is coming into our homes and destroying our families, there will be no reaction – and therefore some type of stillness will come over us.

Now, I look around and think that we may be missing the point of so much. That we are walking around in the fog of tradition. I must read that singularity book. If anyone out there has read it, please let me know. Would love to discuss. Would love to be able to sit down and just write from my dreams the rest of the day with this amazing coffee I received from Wisconsin. Something tapped into my mind – this is for sure.



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