11:53 A.M. Character Dives

Looking at women for the story. Who is it going to be this time. Need a deep history behind her. Does she still live with her parents? How Old is she? What would she be doing now? Probably looking over a book she never read in High School but, late at night, in the heat of the summer, she finds it somewhere in her room. It’s a history book. Yes. She is fascinated by the men that are throughout the history books. The Biographies. Their list of accomplishments. She holds all men up by what they accomplish, not what they show her.

She’s interested only in what they’ve done. Because of this, the list of men she’s dates is filled with the likes of criminals, drug dealers, Business Men – All men with power. Well, not because of this, but at least we’ll be able to show what kind of men she’s interested in by how she reads the history books.

“I was looking through some old high school history books that I never returned when the year was over. Reading what those men did there out on the battlefield – or on the Railroad – or anywhere, did something inside of me. All of these little boys out there calling me and showing up with their new clothes and washed cars was something I could live without. Where were the people inside of these pages? It caused me to to go to libraries and pic out other. Soon, I learned of men who lead revolutions. Who changed reality. That’s what I was looking for, and you can bet I looked for it. Every man I ever dated I sough out. The way I thought about it, the kind of man I was looking for was too busy making what he believed in to be chasing me.

‘It wasn’t that I was after rich men. Money didn’t matter when it came to what turned me on. It wasn’t even the power. It was the way a person walks when they have total control of their destiny. Not many people have that these days, and that’s what I’m looking for. Control of destiny,. Something like that. It’s corny I know…”

Something like that. She’s at least think something like that. I’ll need to walk around with Eliah in my head for a few days and ask her some questions about what she sees. How she reacts to people around me. When I go to get some coffee tomorrow, I’ll go as her but disguised as myself. Going to be that getting to know it period with the characters which is going to be fun. Well, not fun, but rewarding. Tons of breakthroughs in this stage. Frustrations come with writing and waiting to see how it’s all going to come together. This one has always been a beast, but I’m going to clear the deck with it and leave Los Angeles behind me forever. Forever indeed.

Perhaps I’m going to have to give her a race. That’s annoying because I never do that – I don’t have to drop in it there directly, but it would help. Thing with that is that readers always throw their own assumptions on their with race. Can’t worry about readers at this stage. Tough because I’m still doing book clubs and need to promote, but also need to insulate to get these babies going.

Anyhow, the main woman character is going to be into people with power. Probably going to be just men, but I’ll be open with that. Dealt with both in this last one, so best to switch it up. Accomplishment. There are going to be pics on the wall of the revolutionaries. Wait. Maybe she’s a poser. Ha! He would be in love with her and then she would just be a fraud! He did everything for her and she turned out to just be playing a role.

Everyone is going to be like that in this story. Going to be perfect. Everyone playing a role in Hollywood but none of them involved with the movie industry. On it’s ear. Yes. So she has all of these posters: Malcom X, Che’ – All the usual suspects, but she is faking. She just wants people to believe she’s certain way. Nice. Layers. Good. Let the reader know before the main character knows. Always fun to have the reader a few steps ahead anyway – easier to pull the ground from out their feet.



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