Book # 2 is Ready!

Click Here to Preview Pharmacology on Amazon

After months of going back on the cover and edits, the new styles are finally ready. Have to say that I am so humbled by the work Amazon Encore did in getting this cover done. I am, to say the least, a bit demanding and hard headed when it comes to what’s on the front of my books, but my Editor, Terry Goodman, fought the fight with me and the final product looks amazing.

The book is due out Dec. 6th and is now being sent out for reviews and all the other pre-launch madness that takes place, so I’m just going to take a few minutes and marvel at this step in the road. Kind of like sending a birthing announcement.

To those of you who watched as much of this story was worked out right here on this blog, well, here is the finished product. Incredible how it all happens.

Very proud to add this to the world of literature and see where it takes it’s place. The story is one that is going to shake some foundations, so I’m ready for tongue lashings some will give. However, I think our girl, Sarah Striker, is going to break some hearts and have both men and women fall in love with here.

Here we go. Child #2.


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