4:32 A.M. – When it hits

Hoping that somehow this is it. That this movement inside that woke me is the character I was looking for. Sometimes it comes like this in the odd hours of the night – or the morning. He or she wakes you – trying to push out from inside. There is no accounting for birth.  The name though – there still is no name. Those streets of Los Angeles, I wonder now if there is a story there. I wonder if someone wandering is much of a story.

In a way, we’re all wandering. Searching. Thinking that that night – whatever night it may be, is going to give us some peace. Some understanding of ourselves. Maybe that is that is what he is after – some kind of understanding of himself – some type of definition that allows him to go unchecked into the night. To walk clearly.

In the past, my characters have looked for cleanliness and they have looked to just be – this one I think is going to have to look for something more. Perhaps I shouldn’t hold him back at all and let him go for it 100. Fame. Power. All of it. The want and need for it is pound to drive people crazy, but the last thing I need is some crazy character running around the streets of Los Angeles looking for fame.

The other night I was walking with my wife around Fort Greene Park and came upon the monument there. The one for the POW during the revolutionary war. Seems as if there was a British Prison ship somewhere in the bay over there and the American Prisoners were suffering some kind of horrible walking death while aboard the ships.

Thought it would be interesting to do some kind of ghost story there with the ashes of the soldiers that are buried under the monument there. Somehow the ashes form together into some ghosts or spirits or something and start terrorizing people in the neighborhood. Maybe just British people. Maybe there is something in there I could ride off of. That those people there are the ones coming back to haunt. Everyone loves a good ghost story. Not me though. I’m not a huge horror fan myself, but a mystery of some sort would be interesting.

Now, there is a cemetery in Hollywood that shows old movies on its walls and I always thought it would be interesting to tie that into the story, I just don’t know how it all comes together. Perhaps some of the spirits under the monument for the civil war folks are going to be able to tell me what to do. Where to go with this. Perhaps it is them who woke me up during the night and rolled me over. I can’t believe how it is trying to find a story out there.

Looking out the window still there is only silence. The elements are all there:

1. Old Baseball games 2. Quantum physics and some form of the occult. 3. The city of Hollywood itself. 4. Politics.

Been staying away from the movie aspect because – well, perhaps because there are just too many people standing by the window to let them all in. To many voices to push through down the path, but that’s what these journeys usually as full of. Different levels of exhaustion and looking until we get it right.

You’ll see with Sarah Striker that’s for sure. It gets harder I think as you start to put more books out there because you’ve used characters and settings. Now you must get more. Either dig deeper into your memory or create new realities with your present that you hope will turn into your future. That’s always the nice balance. Spent too much time on this one in Los Angeles now I’m wondering if I should even be heading down this road. Down those long streets of the city where nothing is seen.

Los Angeles has those lonely blocks. Even on a date they are lonely blocks. Now I wasn’t dating much back then because when you’ve got no loot in your pocket, dating is not the easiest thing in the world. Especially in Los Angeles without a car. Ever waited to get picked up by a girl on a date? I’m talking if you’re a guy. This isn’t New York where you can jump on a subways or meet them somewhere.

In Los Angeles, there are certain expectations on form. Having a bike and taking the bus is only going to get you so far. Riding in the passengers seat and trying to act like the man is tough to do. Takes the right kind of woman to look past that. Or does it take the right kind of man to not be in that position? Questions. So many at this stage. Best to focus on events and let the questions happen afterwards. I’m up now not matter what, so best just to go.

Those were the early days of internet dating. Some might have seen the artificial intelligence growing right there. Some might have. There was tons of information to be gathered there. There was something else happening that didn’t quite make sense to us either. There was the lack of interest of the American people on who was running the show. It had always been like that  -no, I don’t think it was always like that at all. There might have been a time when they wanted someone to come out and lead them. There might have been a time when people talked politics on the street instead of about what was on television last night. That might be an interesting angel for the character.

A return to the time before media. Can I do that? Perhaps the main character is someone who is attempting to shield himself from media all together. He takes up residence in that Hollywood Building, the office building we’ve been talking about before, and tried to get away from the news and the rest of the media world. Everything is he gets and knows comes from people.

Imagine that: The People in Los Angeles are the ones that shape his reality.

This could allow for some interesting conversations and side characters as well. Bring back all the people in the super hero costumes and have it at. Yes.

Okay, so now, it’s the why? Why would this person want to vanish from the media? Perhaps he was a campaign runner or something like that. He helped to get people elected and made huge cash doing so, but then somehow saw what that was doing. He would really have to be affected by it though. Hit close to home for him so that he’d want to turn away from it.

Now, is he turning away from it or is he going to be some sort of revolutionary? I think the revolutionary aspect is interesting. After all, we can’t just have a recluse sitting in an office building in Hollywood for years at time. Going to have to make him mobile. Ha. That would truly be interesting if he tried to assemble his revolution on the streets of Hollywood with unpaid actors and writers all looking to be in a movie. Perhaps he recruits them that way. All of them in his his plan. He has the money to pay them all and writes them roles to play. He does not write. He can hire out writers. That would be his media division.

He hired armies – he can scout at the gyms for actors and those types who are in amazing shape and they could be his security force. He recruits women who look amazing to and men who look equally amazing to be the face of recruiting campaigns. All of them out of work actors and actresses who want to be a part of something.

Now, what we can do is play with the budget cuts that are taking place all over the country. Perhaps the budget is rolled back in Los Angeles. Teachers are being let go. He brings them in and privatizes his own education. He in effect creates a school system there using the disenfranchised teachers. In fact, everyone he eventually recruits is part of a disenfranchised group.

Oh, the light looks nice coming over the buildings in Brooklyn as well.

His mission though in doing do: To provide somewhere to go and people to speak with. The society he exists in as a whole doesn’t provide that so he needs to create it. The thing about this is he needs to have tons of money. Big wealth like Chris Rock talks about. How is that going to happen? He needs to have accumulated a big sum of money.

Perhaps not so much accumulated but have some money making capabilities to do all of this. Or, even the plastic surgery. That he has altered is face so that he can charm people into following his vision. That’s where the surgery actually comes in. It would be interesting if there was someone in back of him, a scientist interested in it. Perhaps a disenfranchised plastic surgeon as well. Maybe that’s who helps to fund it. It could be a revolution funded by the disenfranchised. That is a very interesting word. Away from the franchising of America.

Away from the endless stream of sameness that has polluted rest stops and taken away the originality of the country. Yes. That is his goal to break away from the franchising of America. In Hollywood is where he feels he can do that. From inside the office building on Hollywood Boulevard is where he feels he can do that. Oh man. Nice. 6:12 A.M. now and the city across the river is waking up. Will need to inject into that soon, but for now, my sweet early A.M. is all mine and I can figure out this story.

Shaken and woken up by the ghosts of Fort Greene Park under that monument. Thanks for not letting me sleep. Two novels out, but this one has been inside me for the longest time and now that I’ve thrown my notes away I’m free to take on whatever may be new. Ah – feels good. Love these moments. Those of hope.

So now I have his plan and his location. I have his motivation. Still looking for his name. That will come. Perhaps I’ll need to walk around like him for a few days in search of his name because he is going to have to redefine himself anyway. We’ll give him a regular name that he wants to change. Perhaps that is why he is listening to recordings of old baseball games and going through old baseball cards – to get the name that rings out. For some reason, baseball players and, for that matter, athletes in general always have names that ring out. That stick with you. That is going to be a big playing part. Ah, love it. Yes.

They why now. In searching for name, I’m going to have to come up with some kind of Why. Some reason for this man to want to start his own. Perhaps his stomach lining is eroded from eating too much crap. That doesn’t make sense because he is going to need money. We’ll go back and forth with if he is going to be funded or not. Will need capital. Good times. I can play. Finally. Thank you ghosts of Fort Greeene – I’ll be sure to put you in the acknowledgements section.


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