Not sure where it’s all going. Between novels is a tough place to be. Driving my publisher crazy with questions. Should just be writing away but there are many sides to the brain. Wish the characters would take over as they normally do, but that’s not happening either. Really been looking at things that happened during the Revolutionary War around here.

Battle of Brooklyn. George Washing getting chased all around New York. Prison ships in the harbor. People rowing out from the island to sell them food. That’s people making money off of prisoners if you are not sure what that last sentence said. There has to be a ghost story in there somewhere. Somehow. No, the question is does it tie in to the Los Angeles book? Some things can just be read and thrown in there – like perhaps a foundation. The Battle of Brooklyn as kind of a backdrop for what happened in Los Angeles. That’s possible.

The story there is that there is a huge battle brewing while most people in the city don’t realize it’s happening. I found that most interesting when talking with the park ranger up at Fort Green Park. Now she is there most days and has all of the knowledge about what happens up there in on the Hill – up where they have the rest of the ashes of the prisoners from the Revolutionary War buried under the monument. She told me how Washington was chased throughout the colonies and all over New York by the British. Told me that, if it weren’t for the mercenary German soldiers, there’d be no escape for Washington. Guess they didn’t like to work in the fog, so Old George was allowed to escape.

See, yes, the city itself was bustling with business while a good number of people were in chains. There was no such thing as America then. I’m talking all about the loyalists. Loyal to the crown or at least to the lifestyle they were living. Perhaps that’s something to explore. Being loyal to a lifestyle instead of a country. That’s America right there. That might be what’s wrapped up in the flag.

Now, If I am going to get at that damn story in Los Angeles, it looks as if I am going to have to make some rounds around Brooklyn for the revolution. Hope everyone doesn’t mind going that way about it. Sometimes you can’t go right at the story, you need to hook on to something else. At least there are still hints at wind and thoughts of fall about to happen.


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