Slight Lights in Character Breaks

Things starting to come together. I know these elements:

1. Hollywood Image Factory

2. United States Revolution

3. Plastic Surgery

4. Hip Hop

5. Baseball Cards from the 1960s.

6. Politics

How all these pieces are going to fit together, I have no idea. Star power and independence. I think I’m going to be able to create that leader that everyone is in search of – or, more importantly, have stopped looking for or believing in. It’s going to be a a big birth to get this character out, but he is going to lead the charge.

Got a great push from those kids in Australia last week and I intend to ride out the momentum. Sometimes it helps to talk to others about your own process so that you can remember you own. Yes.

Was jogging in Prospect Park today when I can across an old map of Revolutionary War Brooklyn. That theme keeps on coming out and jumping up on me. That’s how these things go. You just have to keep on looking for them.


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