Moves through stories

Been awhile. Been grinding out the new book. Trying before the second one drops. Don’t think it will be the Los Angeles story. Just not there. However, something magical happens as it always does in the shaping of a novel. Those of you who were with me on this blog through the writing of Pharmacology know what kind of turns everything takes.

I was talking with someone about a month ago and they told me this story of their grandmother. I can’t get too into it here because it would reveal the end of the story, which is the crux of the book. Something happened deep inside my chest at that point. It’s a rare moment when you know it’s right. When you know that’s the very seed of the book that’s been waiting to be activated.

Perhaps there are all these novel cells inside a writer’s body that are laying dormant and all they need is a stimulant to jump start them. Been rolling through me since I heard that quick little story and now it’s just activated everything inside of me. Am working on it all off-line as this one takes place in secret places.

I’ll be exploring characters on here in the coming times just to get to know them better. Best to bring them to light out here. Give them some air. Book # 3. Damn. I can’t believe it. Sarah Striker hits the streets on December 6th and I’m doing everything I can to make her debut to the world magnificent. My second child. I feel like that about the book. But, now, it’s time to hand that over to the marketing and publicity folks and trust them in their wisdom for it.

Kind of like taking your kid to kindergarden for the first day at school and then watching through the window and they start playing with other children.

“Sir, you’re going to have to leave now. She’ll be fine. We’ve got her.”

Now, back to the lab. Back to the tree where I have the new character trying to figure it all out. I feel like, at least here, I can communicate with my readers – like we’re all sitting and talking together in our fantasy worlds that we share together. Each for different reasons. Different needs.


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