Fall in Brooklyn

Such a different place out here. The looks on the faces of the people remind me of the bay area. That Hard softness to them. The noise is even muted out here. Not sure what is even happening in Manhattan these days. Two Bridges are there if I need them. Winter is coming. Can feel it. Can see it on the tops of the trees.

It’s the other side of the mirror out here. Prospect Park shadowing Central Park. Like the time machine that shows a major magazine reverting back to the the indi Zine it once was. Still, everyone supports. Everyone reads.

Bike paths and busses. Will industry move this way? Do the folks here even want it to? Can’t believe I’ve finally arrived here. Always dreamed of it. Saw those early pics of Jackie Robinson and the rest of the Brooklyn Dodgers handing out in the dugout. The people in the stands a part of the team. Community. Shared love.

It’s hear. No need to go upstate anymore. No need to pray for trees.


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