Stretching in Brooklyn

Discovered a new place to listen to music with other folks who have been turned into icons and little animals. Talking about TurnTable FM of course. Trying to find something in these headphones. Have my new character and wondering if she is going to make it through this story.

Characters are kind of like little fish you win at those ping pong tossing contests at the fair. You bring it home and keep it in water and hope that it becomes part of the family. Though, of course, there is always time for the epic flush. Stretching here and hoping that it might turn into something more.

Switched again with the story, and looking to find a place for it to all stick. Usually does, but that this point no. Right now I am in a battle inside the tree where the girl is wondering how the squirrel is going to store everything up for the winter. It’s during the season change. Going to have to have her talking to the little animals inside the tree and prepare for a war that is about to take place. The more I talk about it, the stranger it seems, and that’s not supposed to happen.

It’s all supposed to make sense and then unfold. That happens later. I’ve learned that much. Tried something new with this one: Wrote the ending a little while ago and might start working backwards on it. Could help. You really don’t know. So peaceful in these hours before the sun comes up. So much happening. So much is possible. Will have to work that in somehow. Those hours before the sun comes up, since I exist so often here.

Have the sounds of a piano going in the background. Love having the Bose headphones on at this time. The lights from other windows are starting to go on and folks are waking up for their days. Nice about New York is that you are always joined by others in the hours you think you’re alone. I’d love to have this girl be able to talk to everything inside that tree. Of course, it’s not really a tree, but I won’t reveal that until the end. Or it is a tree.

Working on it. Let me get back to setting it in the early hours. This feels very nice: Coffee, music and writing in the morning.


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