Inside the Egg

I am inside the egg. Unborn. Listening to the few around me who share my egg state. Only these thin walls separate us from the world. We are nested. On the ground below, I used to be the person walking with a basket looking for eggs to gather for breakfast. Now, everything I need is inside of this shell.

Below there is so much going on. Even on the branches all around there is so much going on. Under the small pieces of bark there are armies trying to march and unite. I know nothing about unity at this point. I’m interested only in the now. Only in my pre-hatched state. Only in the thin walls that separate me from reality. There is no need for the real now.

Outside the squirrels are out doing their thing. I can hear them moving – Imagine that they do not flow smooth. So nervous. Perhaps that’s what actions outside the egg world are like. I’m not so much in a hurry to get into that world. Perhaps those amassed ant armies have something to do with his condition. It might not be a his or hers. Probably and it. Everything is an it.

Me? I used to be a little girl in my parents house back then in 1939 but that changed when they left and put me up here in the tree. Now I don’t try to escape. Is there a world up here? I seem to be able to shift to wherever I like. For that moment I was in the egg inside the nest. Now I can’t seem to find where I should be. Can’t concentrate on it for too long. That might be a problem. There are no clocks up here.

Back when I lived in the house below and not this tree above, my father would wind the clock each night. I’d eat dinner so fast in hopes that he would match my speed and movements so that we’d get up together and both put both hands on the key and wind the clock together. It was a big time for me to do that. Big time. That’s when time really meant something to me. We’d wind the clock and all would be right until the next night.

Those things I miss most about being outside of the egg. The rest I kind of enjoy about being in the shell. It’s about to crack though..


Damn it. I keep writing this character into places where she is alone and there’s nobody else around. I have to create a world that exists inside of this tree to see if it’s going to work. Must create that first and see if it will work. I can take her through the different parts, but perhaps it’s best that I explore it first for her. Draw a map. Let me see what I can find before I decide to put her inside.  Yes. Time for some planning I think. That’s the way it goes with these things. Hopefully it’s there.


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