Contest winner

For the launch of my new book Pharmacology, I thought it would be interesting to ask readers to send in short clips about their first experiences getting addicted to the internet. Here’s one by Danielle Lynd I found interesting. Kind of makes your mind wonder what happened to all of those characters involved. Word is she has a book on the way, so keep an eye out for more  from this Illinois-based writer.

Chat Obession

By Danielle Lynd

I was obsessed with chat scene back in 2000. I would sit up until all hours of the night chatting with people I didn’t know thinking they were my best friends. I became extremely close with a person that claimed to be a state trooper from my state. Turned out it was true. It was fascinating to be able to be so much myself with total strangers completely stripped down. There’s nothing to keep you from being you. It was pure if you wanted to be. He and I would chat for hours until we were both falling asleep at the computer from exhaustion. We’d talk about life, our favorite songs and music, what our families did to drive us crazy.  One day he disappeared, a few weeks later I got a call from one of his co-workers explaining to me that he would be in touch again when he could.  He had to testify in a case that was compromising his safety. Months and months went by without any more news or words exchanged.  My heart was heavy and I felt like he might have forgotten me. My state trooper became my lost love. He resurfaced one night after I started dating my now husband. It was the first phone call I had from him in almost a year.  We spoke briefly as I was leaving on a date.  We had changed and though my heart swelled at knowing he was home again safe. I had moved on in his absence, though never forgot him. He is gone from my life now but is frequently in my thoughts with fond memories. If hadn’t been for the internet and my once crazed obsessions with it. We would never have met. Lame I know but I am a sucker for romance, tragedy, and new love.


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