Underwood 319 Spool Found

Saviors of the Underwood 319 Typewriter Spool

Finally, the search is over. Much thanks to the folks at Brady & Kowalski writing machines who had that magic missing piece that was nearly impossible to find:

A Spool that fit on my Underwood 319 Typewriter.

Work to the unwise: Don’t toss out the spools your ribbons are on because they just don’t make them anymore.

Head on down to the Brooklyn Flea in Fort Greene, which has moved inside for the winter, if you’re in need of any typewriter advice, parts or even a new machine.

I’ve had my Underwood 319 with me since Los Angeles, when I found her in a thrift store on Western Ave. for 12 bucks. Two novels later, I can’t write without her. Now that it’s winter and I’m driving everyone around me crazy with the release of Pharmacology, it’s best to just get writing again to preserve sanity.

As best as it can be preserved.


Can’t wait to hear those keys making their music again. If you have a typewriter and feel it’s a beauty, feel free to send me on in a pic and I’ll post it up.




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