Early morning in Brooklyn – It’s always early morning somewhere. Little girls struggling to keep up with her mother – both need to be somewhere. Inside each gut, there are different worries. One wants to know if the little boy she went to the playground with is still going to want to share his string cheese with her. The other might want to know about that raise she has coming but is afraid to ask for because it might just cost her the job she already has.

Been hot this hole winter. People love talking about the weather. That and sports, so it’s good that it’s finally March. Everyone enjoys a a bit of the madness. Watching those young men fight for a championship. Everyone likes a champion. Perhaps it’s because, for the rest of us, it’s so difficult to actually win. Not just win, but mark that victory with acknowledgement. That might what I’m after with these new characters – the need to be acknowledged – What fuels that? What is behind that need.

After all, it can’t be natural. When we’re young, in that sandbox, we just play or try to kiss the girl or say what we think, but there are those external forces that try to shut us down. I need to take a look at those force if I’m going to get at these new characters. So far, the stories are all settings – all places and circumstances – and that’s not going to work. Might as well take it out here on this blog – out in this open space, until I figure it out. The past two books have gone up and out here first, then taken away to the lab. Must decide on one direction.

A perfect gray morning now, which is fantastic. That’s the part about daylight savings time in the spring that works best. If I can manage to be up at 5, there will be 3 hours of pure time – that quiet time that nobody else in the world can yell through. People are still pushing “The Cold Out there eyes.” Thanks Biggie for that line.

Everybody else must wash away at the point and the characters are going to be the only ones allowed to exist in my head. Reality be damned – I’ll do my best to manage them.

Here name is going to be Eliah – at least the main one. I see her but not what she looks like. I try never to describe the physical attributes of the people I write about – I’d rather let their personality rule, but this time might have to be a bit different. Again, as with Pharmacology, I have two different stories going – this time it’s not going to work to put them together. Must choose. Writing two at the same time is not helpful, especially with the time constraints.

Sorry, stepping in the way a bit. The writer always gets in the way of the story. Have you notices that?



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