Where are you

Hunting now – that damn character. Somewhere between the art battles of New York and the late night readings by the Fiction Circus, she is going to appear. Looking for something. That’s the point right? Everyone is on a quest. By everyone I mean all of the characters. That’s what readers want – they need to follow someone who is on a mission to do something significant. That’s the love of a novel – to follow that journey – to take those steps that nobody has done before. Perhaps that’s why people like the Romance or Horror or Thriller versions of things – because they play out the everyday fantasy that needs to be pushed down in order to move on through the set world.

The set world. Now then, if I am going to be playing with time and anything supernatural, I’ll have to create my own kind of world and totally believe that is the place to live. Away from what I see here in front of me. This is possible of course, but difficult as well. After all, the past two books have been on the streets of Harlem and San Francisco, both places I have lived and submerged myself in. I guess there is no choice but to take it to Brooklyn – which I have no problem doing, now that I am here.

Perhaps all the moments of my life have put me here to write this new one. The World War II book is going to have to wait – I’m not getting permission to write that one from the source that has all of the information. That’s fine. The Hollywood book is almost ready, but not cooked yet. I think though, I have something interesting on paper that might write better than all, but it’s going to have to be done with more delicate strokes this time. A bit more explanation and a slowing of the roll. More skill. More evolution. Less tricks. More honesty. I preach that when I teach, so there should be those elements in reality. Yes, I can see that for sure.



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