Process. No way to get around it. Not really taking phone calls all that well right now, but then again, most of my words are down here, finally.

Stack of pages and outline so I can see where to put it all together. It’s worth it. It’s worth it. It’s worth it.

Couldn’t have been something smart like someone who sells wool off of their sheep. That would have been amazing. Heard you have to sleep with them in your tent during the winter, but that’s fine – how else can you test the product?

At one point, this will be bound and all the pretty stuff that goes around it – I’ll be driving my publishers crazy with phone calls and emails, all of it – but for now, it’s just this. There is a kind of beauty to it. A clarity. Been searching for this one since 1997. Have had several drafts and thrown them away or reworked our just ran into walls and fainted away. Now, I’m here, and this one is it. Have the central everything and all the players. Not going to rely on old tricks. I’ll shave. I won’t shave.

#3 closer to being done.


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