The book should be arriving today and I hope that it adds to the new character. As usual, I’m not having too much of a problem developing the women character, but can’t quite get a focus on the man yet. I guess it’s because I spend more of my life looking at women rather then men. They make for more interesting characters in real life and in fiction. This time though, with this new book, I’d like to get the men characters a bit deeper. I think that Hollywood Forever did a good job with that – I liked Harold Hall very much – but I’d like to get at more of a created history with the new male character in the book. Give him some scars that are a must to get over.

That’s a fantastic thing about characters that I really enjoy – getting over a wound. It’s important to show why someone was like they were. If they kill now – though I am not sure I have ever had anyone murder someone in one of my book – but if I did or do, there would have to be that deep reason that gives you the understanding of why they do what they do.

That might get me in trouble a bit in the real world as I am constantly looking at people – at why they do what they do – and try to find the reason behind that. Everything worthwhile on the page takes place off the page. The creation of history – so I am looking forward to getting the book – and am curious what stage it’s going to play in the book I am writing now. I guess you can call this writing – at this stage anyhow. Saturday morning at 7:37 A.M. fishing around for history. I have a scientist character at this point in the book – I had her for a long time actually, and I think she has to have some history that she is running from. Something that she doesn’t want to face, and therefor throws herself into her work so much that she is able to escape reality for a little bit – or as long as she may like – so that she can continue on with her work. That’s interesting. I had written some things about her father being a furniture maker and he was doing pretty well until he refused to sell his designs to a big manufacture – So his family had to do without and she had to work her way through all of her schooling.

I had him in a little shed in a house in upstate New York with a cool pick up truck they used to drive around town in – Though I think it’s too much of an ideal to have her and him like that. I know little about trucks and even less about making furniture, but if I was to stick to only what I know, my characters would be repeats of each other instead of individuals. Sarah Striker, the main character in Pharmacology, I had her with a nice and close relationship with her father – and that character was someone who had given up on his life so he could raise a family. I think this character would be a little different. It would be nice if something took a life away from her that she felt she deserved. Something with the economy I think – some force outside of what she could control as a little girl – that’s what happened – that force changed her life as a youngin and shifted her course.

This way, if it happened this way, I would be able to show her running away from something but at the same time running towards it and trying to fix it. I guess that’s always one of the things that’s hardest to do: Start out by giving the character exactly what she wants, taking it away from her, and having her chase it even if she doesn’t realize that she is running towards it instead of running away from it.

So, that is where it’s at for now. Over 150 pages of notes from the past few months and now to go into all of them and find a few lines. That should be interesting. I’d like to give her some things that she absolutely loves. I think the sounds of motion are going to be keep to her. Something like “My eyes have never been able to replicate what my ears take in. It’s just always been this way.” Something like that. That and of course, a name, which is always the pain in the ass for me. Who knows.


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