Crossing the waters in Brooklyn

Crossing the waters in Brooklyn

On the way to the subway, saw these kids taking a field trip for their school. Holding hands and looking across the wide street with wide eyes and cautious strolls, each of the movements were so different. Each took steps and moved in their own ways. Once across, some acted like they had just set foot on new land after a long journey, while others continued as if it were no big thing. The orange vests though – it was as if they were all in the same kind of club.

Handed out to those who still were able to exist on imagination, they all belonged to that exclusive club of youth. Of not knowing.

I tried to get a shot of all of them walking together in a straight line so that they may look like orange ducks, but the use of a camera has never been by strong suit.

Around the country, scenes like these may have been repeated over and over again, some needing vests, some just strolling and holding hands. Wonder what would happen if adults would hold hands and look out for each other’s safety. If we did continue to look out for each other. Something though, changes when we loose the vests and loose the time in the middle of the day to cross the street safely. We let go of clasped fingers and start walking on our own, trying to be the first on the sidewalk and then looking back and feeling better that others are still in the middle of the ocean.

We are though, all in the middle of the ocean. We reason other things and believe that the truth, whatever it is, can guide us and justify our actions. Even thoughts such as that, so much going on when the cross of the street happens. Perhaps there should be an national orange vest day where everyone who is wearing an orange vest will be okay with you walking up to them, grab hold of their hand, and walk with them across the street.

Right there, even writing that, I laughed at the silliness of such a thing.  You probably did too, but these kids seem to have been doing a pretty good time of it. Maybe it could be sponsored by Prell or one of the other hand sanitizing products – encouraging the clean use of holding someones hand as you travel to your destination. Odd ideas when you take time to notice the crossing of the street.


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