St. Nicholas Place Under Snow

St. Nicholas Place, Sugar Hill, Harlem, USA


Friday Before the Weekend

This one had so much going on. The woman on the left was looking at the piano for a long time – lost in thought. Perhaps thinking back to times when she was forced as a little girl to play the piano during lessons when she wanted to be doing anything else. Now, coming home from work on a Friday, she looks at the piano and thinks that she would rather be doing that than any of the other hundreds of tasks she did at work in the five days leading up to this trip back home. She was waiting for the E train. Why did she fight so much at that age. She, there on the platform, was trying to call out to the past and talk to herself as that little girl, but the mull of people underground all talking to their past selves made that reach even more impossible than it already was. If she came back again, if she was born again to this earth, perhaps she might try to hold on to that memory – but the process of birth does not allow for one to hold on to anything when you arrive in this world. Everything is taken from the moment you live to the moment you exit. Now she moves away, towards the E train. She’ll forget soon enough when she starts thinking about work come Monday.

I think it would be nice to make a character who takes the steps of life slow so that they can appreciate the subtle moments that make up life. However, people like this, lost in reflection, are very important because they show the difference in the way the other would work. You have to have contrasting people. So yes, one of the side characters should always get lost in some sort of reflection. It is a sadness. However, we should – we? I – I should give them some type of hidden beauty. Like an ability to paint that nobody knows about at all. You would follow her through the day, through he whole life perhaps, and then, when she passes and someone is cleaning out her apartment, they discover the paintings. What would be great is if her paintings existed on the back of other paintings. Yes. As people, even her best friend, are cleaning out her apartment, they find these paintings as they are taking the other paintings off the wall, the discover the paintings she has been working on. It would be fantastic if THESE paintings got famous in some way, carrying on her name after life. I will work that into a side character somewhere. Not sure if it will fit in this book. Perhaps as a side shot story.

All of this comes from just looking at man with his piano in the subway.

The other man, the man on the far right, is just looking at the piano with no knowledge of music or ever having played it before. He is just interested in seeing something new. He has no reaction to it musically. Perhaps he is just wondering how the man got it down there in the first place. How someone can do that with their life? He does not measure it against his life at all though. Someone who can just observe like that and then look at it for what it is and not in relation to what they are. That would be a truly unique quality to have for a character. I would take that little piece and put it into the main character because it is very heroic and that works well. I need that to carry the main character.

What about the Man with the Piano? I wasn’t really concentrating on him at all. Main characters don’t come from the main character for me. Does that make sense. In that, I try not to find one person who encapsulates everything, but rather, take little pieces out of all of the side character.