This is my space to sketch out novels, characters and experiment with different forms of writing. All three of my novels have appeared her at some point in their development, then were taken down and worked off-line in the madness of what it takes to put one of these things together. In addition to fiction and my ramblings, it’s also a experimental place for social media mash- ups and some workings that I do with my classes in Australia who I teach over Skype. This is my unpolished sketchbook and a place where folks can peek in and see what’s happening behind the scenes. Feel free to comment, drop me a line or just lurk in the background.


2 thoughts on “About

  1. Heard about you through an Amazon e-mail and went to your blog. I am quite dissapointed that you are no longer selling books on the streets of NYC as I will not have the opportunity for that experience. Will think of you though when I head up there next week. And how did I miss you at the last Baltimore Book Festival?

    • Hi Kathy – Thanks for the note. While you won’t be able to buy one off the streets, you can to the Borders on 59th at Columbus circle and pick one up in the nice AC, which is a little different than the 100 degrees I was selling in last year. Great hearing from you. You’re from B More?

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