#sundaymorningstory was a twitter project I ran a for a few years. People from around the world would take pics of what they were doing on their Sunday Mornings, post them with the hashtag #sundaymorningstory, and I’d create a narrative using their pictures.

The objective was to create a Global Literary Mash-Up to show folks how much we are all really the same.

Click Here for Last Week’s #sundaymorningstory

Click Here for 5.8.11 #sundaymorningstory

Click Here for 5.1.11#sundaymorningstory

Click Here for 4.24.11 #sundaymoringstory

Click Here for 4.17.11 #sundaymorningstory
Click Here for 4.10.11 #sundaymoringstory

Click here for 4.3.11 #sundaymorningstory

Click here for 3.27.11 #sundaymorningstory

Click here for 3.2o.11 #sundaymornngstory

Click here for 3.13.11 #sundaymorningstory

Check out last week’s #sundaymorningstory

Click here for 2.6.11 #sundaymorningstory

Click here for 2.13.11 #sundaymorningstory

Click here for 2.19.11 #sundaymorningstory


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