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2 thoughts on “Contact

  1. Hi! Christopher

    I’m Veronica Woo from Malaysia. I read about you and your Skyping session with Anne Mirtschin’ s class in Australia in her blog. Anne is a good friend of mine. I got to know her through working on collaborative projects with her and her students. You can read about my work with her in her blog.

    Chris, on behalf of the local English writers here who call themselves the Northern Writers, I would like to invite you to their Northern Writers’ event on 5 Nov @ 11.00 a.m. ( Malaysian time ) via Skype video-conferencing. My Skype name is radiant3.

    The programme for this particular event includes a Choral Speaking performance and guest writers’ talk with the audience. We would certainly be most delighted if you could also be one of the guest speakers but a virtual one. And this would certainly be an eye opener for the audience here, and for many it would definitely be a first time experience!

    Looking forward to a favourable reply from you soon!

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